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Love a girl who is oblivious. Pick her out of the oblivious, bland crowds and make her smile. Make her laugh. That’s all she wants. Touch her softly, tell her she’s beautiful. That’s all she needs. She doesn’t know.
Take her hand and tug her into a life of blurry happiness. Sleep next to her every night, wake up to her every morning. Tell her she’s pretty when she twirls in that black Sears dress that cost too much and smells like polyester and scratches when you grab at her waist. Don’t say anything when the drops of water threaten to bubble over her cheeks when the number on the scale is too high. Lay her down softly after quiet evenings of cheap wine. Watch her sleep, shadows blending with mascara under her eyes. Suppress the sighs when she won’t stop talking. She never stops talking. And that black dress…

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